Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Places We Will Go

Life has been pretty hectic and inconsistent at best. However, this seems to be my life at all times of the year. To me this is normality, to others this is chaos. But no matter the way we look at it, this is life. Life is made up of doing things to go to the next step, level, or place. And to that I say Oh, the places we will go.

In life you end up all over. Whether this is physically, mentally, or emotionally. You will constantly be in another place in one of these aspects in life at all times. Sometimes you may even be traveling to new places in multiple. This is how I look at life and define what life is. I look at everywhere I have been and determine how accomplished my life has been.

It isn't measured in what you have done in your life, but the places you have been. These places don't even have to be physical places, they can be emotional or mental states you have been in, overcome, or trekked on through. This is the accomplishments that are in life.

The places we will go are the places that are our life. They are all full of memories or much more.

The hectic aspect of my life and the inconsistency is what defines and determines the places I will go. I will always be in a new place and for that I feel I am accomplishing things.

Looking back, do you think that the places you have been are accomplishments in your life? Do you feel like your life is accomplished?

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