Monday, April 10, 2017

Confidence is Beautiful and Fragile

Confidence is a beautiful thing about a person. It shows that they are okay with who they are and the image they project. However, it is also a very fragile thing that can be broken easily. These past few months have put confidence into a bit of a perspective to me.
Being confident is one of the best things about a person. Everyone has some kind of confidence. Some are more confident than others. This isn't a fault or a bad thing. For one reason and one reason only: It takes tons of time to build that confidence and one single second to break it.

Confidence can be broken by a single word or sentence. It isn't hard to do. You can have the most amazing, radiating burst of confidence, then one day it just dies. Then you have to spend all this time building it back up.

I have confidence in who I am as a person and what I project. The reason for this is I have made sure I have a don't care attitude. I don't let others opinions affect me. I don't let them bring me down or change who I am as a person. Are there times that I care, of course, everyone cares at some point. However, I remind myself it doesn't matter. It doesn't mean anything by what they say about you because it isn't a reflection of you. It's a reflection of themselves.

If they are taking the time to bring you down and break your confidence, it is because they don't have much of it themselves. They are jealous or want you to come down to their level. This is why I realize, I don't care what they have to say, because I know who I am.

Confidence is key in every situation and it allows us to be who we are. It allows us to have another layer of beauty on top of everything beautiful about us already.

So next time you are talking to someone, or say something to someone or about them, think about if it is worth it to potentially break this confidence they have built so much and for so long.

Are you confident? Do you think there are reasons behind why you aren't?


  1. Confidence is so beautiful. This is something I have struggled with for the longest time. I still struggle today but not as much. We should not feel ashamed to be confident. It's not a bad thing to be!

  2. Lovely post. I struggle a lot with my self-confidence and it's definitely made me more aware of other people's confidence in themselves and I do try to help push others.
    Claire xo