Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Travel Tuesday: Las Vegas Edition

Welcome back to travel Tuesday! This week we are focusing on Las Vegas. Just like last weeks, this isn't exactly a new place to me. I've been multiple times and I will continue to visit. It has some fun memories, especially celebrating my 21st.

Las Vegas is definitely a different type of vacation. It isn't your typical family vacation. This is more of the let's go have fun type with partying. However, it is fun without partying in the terms of drinking or clubbing.

However, if you don't gamble, drink, or club you're going to have a different type of vacation than I do in every way. Pretty much no matter who I go with I spend most of my time having fun, drinking, and gambling.

Las Vegas is the place I go that I get to dress up too. By day I'm wearing fashionable outfits and by night I'm in dresses, heels, skirts, or other night out clothes. I personally shop for Las Vegas outfits as I put it.

Las Vegas is definitely a place where you don't have to plan. You don't even have to book a hotel room if you don't want to. You can spontaneously show up and you'll still have an amazing time. Especially if you live in close proximity. There are plenty of times that I have changed plans or didn't have any until the day of when I'm there.

There are so many great hotels to stay at for all price ranges. The restaurants are also amazing, as well as the buffets. When you're in Vegas, the buffets are a must. There is also great activities.

I've done escape rooms, clubbing, gambling, a large Ferris wheel, and played arcade/fair games. There is also so much more that I have yet to discover.

Las Vegas is starting to become my go to vacation as I've celebrated my 21st and 22nd birthday there. Since there will soon be hockey there to attend, and football to watch, it will become a yearly tradition I am sure. The reason for this is because it can become a cheap vacation, as you can drive out stay a night and leave the next day. There are also flights out there for about $60 total round trip at times if you are lucky.

I would highly recommend going to Las Vegas if you haven't. It isn't everyone's place to go though. However, you can cater the city to you and what you enjoy. There is something for everyone, even kids. I wouldn't recommend it to be your family vacation, but maybe a quick stop there if your whole family is there.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Would you want to go?


  1. I've always wanted to go to Las Vegas, it looks amazing! I want to do a really long trip and visit loads of places in America one day x

    Tiffany x

  2. Love this post! Would love to visit Las Vegas. I'm dreaming of travelling America and Vegas is one of the places I'm desperate to see!
    Claire xo

  3. I have never been to Las Vegas before but I have always wanted to go! It sounds like a great place to visit

  4. I've always wanted to go and now I want to go even more! Just a shame it's so far away