Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Goals

So February I set some pretty attainable goals and to my disappointment I didn't quite reach some of them. I did try though and some I did succeed with. I have now made it through two months of blogging. This is an accomplishment in itself and I can't wait to set new goals for my third month and to hopefully succeed. Most of my goals are similar or the same to last month because I want to build on what I accomplished, plus I added a few more.

1) Branding
Last month I mentioned how I want to brand myself. This goal is ongoing to me. Until I am in my career I want to continue to brand myself. I want to become a unique individual and to set myself apart when it comes to getting a job in my career and I think my blog is the way to do that. I can't wait to take another month to brand myself in the blogging world and the career world.

2) Research Podcasts and Blog Guest Spots
This month I want to look into podcasts and blogs to be a guest on. I want to start working on guest spots on not only blogs, but also podcasts. Eventually I want to start my own podcast, but to go on with this goal, I want to do a few guest spots on other podcasts first. So if you have a podcast and need a guest, you know who to hit up. :)

3) Keep Growing on Social Media
I want to keep up the progress of my social media. I have hit 214 followers on twitter and 96 likes on facebook. I want to get those numbers even higher this month. I didn't meet my facebook goal, but I came so close so I still feel accomplished. This month I want to try and hit 150 Facebook likes, 350 twitter followers and honestly I think I can get there.

4) Get more followers
I know that people read my blog and I love it. This month I want to get more followers that are subscribed to my email list and follow me on blogger. I am still trying to reach the goal of 50 followers on my blog. *Self Promotion: Follow on the side over there via email or blogger*

5) Create a Newsletter
By the end of the month I want to have a monthly newsletter. I want to create one that is a monthly wrap up of my blog. I am hoping to start looking into it soon and to get it all set up to start this month on the 31st. Be on the look out for a sign up list.

6) Host a Twitter Chat
I am hoping to host a twitter chat this month. I am going to start looking into twitter chats looking for hosts. This is to help me eventually host my own on my own twitter account. I wanted to have that set up this month, but because I have a crazy inconsistent schedule I haven't been able to find a time that I can host each week.

7) Page Views, Page Views, Page Views
This month was amazing for page views. I was able to get 1,400 on one post and it is still growing. I hope that I am able to keep up the good work. This month instead of setting a goal of a number, I just want to keep growing my page views. I know it won't be easy, but in my second month, I accomplished a lot of page views.

8) Still Be Blogging
By the end of the month, as always I hope to still be blogging. I know I will be, but it is nice to have this as a goal to motivate me.

What are your goals for March? Did you accomplish your goals in February?

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