Monday, March 20, 2017

Life is Like A Roller Coaster

As many of you know, I took about a week off from blogging. I had many reasons for this. Work was busy, school hit me hard, and I got sick. I just had one of those weeks, but this is life right?

Life is like a roller coaster in my eyes. It loops, it goes up, it goes down, and it twists and turns. This is the journey that we go on. It is a beautiful one at that.

This week has been one of those downs, it just went down and down and down. You don't really know how to stop. Taking this week off of blogging was nice, but it caused me to have complete writers block. Coming back I don't know what to write about, so this post will be short and sweet.

Life is crazy, it is constantly changing. It is full of the unexpected. This last week has been full of that. However, we continue on the chaotic roller coaster, because it is fun. It is what we thrive off of.

We thrive off of the good and the bad in life. When life is good we are on a high, we can't come down and we don't want to. It is thrilling to be above all else, when we are down, we thrive to be on the upswing again. We are thriving off of the situations we are in, either to better ourselves or to stay on the high.

Life is life. It goes and goes and we never want to get off the ride. We have to take everything the roller coaster throws at us, cause it won't last forever. We eventually have to come down after the uphill climb, and we have to go up again once we go down.

This is what I remind myself daily when I am not sure where my life is going. It is unexpected and it will constantly change.

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