Saturday, March 11, 2017

Why Joey and Hannah From Are You The One Get My Respect

So as many of you know, I have written a few posts about Are You The One. Well here is another one for this week. I am definitely loving this season as it is getting to the root of every issue normal people have. They are really showing people how to live life like a decent human being. Yet, they still have the drama and the game aspect. Definitely ranking this season as my favorite. This weeks post is about Joey because he genuinely showed how a guy should be.

This week on Are You The One, Joey and Hannah had hooked up. They were trying to connect and see why, according to strategy, they were each other's perfect match. For weeks now, Hannah has been told to break off from her perfect match Ozzy, and Joey had a connection with Cas. However, when this all happened, everyone flipped out.

I understand why Cas would be upset, her and Joey had a real connection and they weren't entirely sure if they weren't a perfect match. However, according to this strategy they weren't. Now why everyone was going after Hannah I don't understand. Everyone bagged on her for sticking by Ozzy cause they weren't perfect matches and now she is trying to make a connection with someone who could very well be her match and she is criticized once again. This isn't fair to her.

When the house is all bagging on you for one thing and you finally break off and do as they ask, why should they be able to get mad at you? Why should they be allowed to be upset with you and tell you to practice what you preach? She was doing what she wanted by standing by Ozzy, but you all got mad at her for that. Now she isn't and you get mad at her for that. It is a messed up situation in which Hannah prevails again.

Joey did the one thing every girl would want, he went to Cas and told her what happened. He had the decency to tell her that he messed up. He felt bad.

Most guys don't usually feel bad, and even if they do, they sure as hell don't come clean about what happened. Most every other guy wouldn't say a word and would let the girl find out on her own when she investigated, or in this case, saw it on TV.

This is why Joey gets my respect. Should he have told Cas before anything happened that he wanted to explore the people that could be his perfect match, like Hannah, according to this strategy? Yes he should have, but in this game you don't have this luxury. However, he did tell her when he messed up.

He felt bad about what he did and he came clean. Something he didn't have to do. So yes, Joey has my respect even if he did mess up.

This is what every girl including myself wants, someone who will be honest with you through everything. If you hide stuff it makes things worse. If you tell the truth, you can work through it and fix things.

So Joey, mad props to you.

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  1. So true. Honesty is the best policy in any situation!