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Why Hannah Fugazzi is the definition of a Strong Woman

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Hannah Fugazzi is one of the contestants on Are You The One this season. She is definitely one of my favorite contestants and has been since the beginning. However, since the past few episodes she shows what it means to be a strong women and defines it. She is now someone I look up to on how to stay strong.
If you have never seen Are You the One I will give you some background so that you understand where I am going with this. Are You the One is a show in which 10 men and 10 women (This season is 11 of each) are put into a house to find their "perfect match". They compete for 10 weeks to determine who the love matchmakers have determined is their "perfect match" or soulmate as I would rather refer to it as based on a series of tests they have gone through. If they get all 10 matches (or in this case 11) correct in the 10 weeks they win 1,000,000 dollars. However, if one of the weeks they don't get any new matches they lose half the prize they are competing for as it is considered a blackout. There are ways to help them figure out these perfect matches. Each week they compete in mini competitions in which the winners get to go on a mini date. During these dates the house votes one of the couples into what is known as the truth booth. The truth booth will allow them to know if the couple is a perfect match or not. If they are they move out of the house into a honeymoon suite. If they are not then they are back to square one and have to figure out the matches. Now I hope that made sense, if not I suggest googling it because they can explain it better I am sure.

Anyways, back to Hannah and how she is currently my idol of women being better than men and being strong. Hannah had been vibing with a couple of guys in the house. Ozzy was the one she vibed the most with and they created a real relationship. Or so everyone thought. They were believed to be a perfect match and they were definitely crushing on each other hard. When they were voted into the truth booth, it was shown that they were not a perfect match. Now it was shown that they both told each other that no matter what happened nothing would change between them. That was definitely wrong.

After being told they were no match, Ozzy had jumped back into the game and started finding a new woman to vibe with. This woman happened to be Alicia. Alicia had just kissed one of her best friends perfect matches after it was already confirmed they were a perfect match. So she already has a bad track record. When it came to that matchup ceremony Hannah and Alicia had started to get into it and continued to get into it after. Alicia was definitely in the wrong to go after Ozzy when she knew that him and Hannah had something and at the time it was something we believed was real for both of them. A few nights later or the next night (hard to tell through editing), the cast had a party where Ozzy had told Hannah he loved her. The very next minute and right next to Hannah, him and Alicia began to make out. This is where Hannah becomes the strong woman I admire.

Hannah didn't go crazy and go off on them, instead she stayed composed in my opinion and confronted Ozzy. She tells him how wrong he was. Honestly, he was wrong. She was then shown in interviews that she wants nothing to do with the situation if Ozzy wants a girl like Alicia. And power to her.

She takes a situation in which any girl would be going crazy on the guy and stays poised. She was definitely hurt and it was a messed up situation, but she stayed strong. She took it and tried to move on. She understood that this isn't the guy she wants to be with and she deserved way better and still does.

However, life happens and we all have situations that break us down. It allowed her to stand tall though and be the woman she is. She has inspired me and I am sure many other people to not let boys get to them. She has taught me that if a guy treats me poorly, don't let it get me down, but to rise above. You have to pick up and move on. You have to be a strong woman and not let anyone break you down.

Hannah is someone that you want to be like. Someone who stands up for herself, like that time she stood up to Julia in the aftershow when she was being attacked or against Alicia when she was coming at her, and she is someone who knows how much she deserves and how strong she is. She is the type of girl I want to be and I am trying to be.

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