Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Travel Tuesday: New Orleans

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So today marks the first post in one of the many series I am going to start. Every Tuesday I plan to post about one place I have on my travel bucket list and why I want to visit there. I have many places I want to visit and instead of just making a post with a list and a quick sentence about why. I thought that I would create a series out of it. Kind of like a mini planning guide for me so when I decide to finally visit, I already have a plan of what I want to do and see. Some of the places I have already been to, but want to go back for some reason. I think this is going to be a great way to engage with the travel aspect of my blog as well.
This week's post is focused on New Orleans and how much I want to visit this historic city. And honestly what a fitting post for Fat Tuesday? I have always wanted to go, but the more the days go by, the more I want to visit. I want to see the city that Mardi Gras lives in. I have always thought about it as just a huge party and it never appealed to me. However, it is starting to become more and more popular if that is even possible and makes me want to visit even more.

I first wanted to visit the city when I saw the Real World: New Orleans. It made me fall in love with all that there is to do there. The first thing I would want to do is go to Bourbon Street. It is just one big drink fest and honestly a party. It seems like a Las Vegas on steroids. I think it would be so much fun to just soak in the atmosphere. Obviously to be there during Mardi Gras would be even more fun.

The other things I want to do is to go to southern brunches. They just seem so classy and upscale and like an actual brunch. It is everything I love about Sundays and brunch.

I would also love to go see a football game there in the Superdome. I am not a huge New Orleans Saints fan, but it seems the city just lives around their football team rallies to make it so much fun and a big party.

That seems to be the common theme, a party. That is how I view this southern city. It also has so much history that I want to learn about and see.

I haven't done much research, but I know that there are historical sites to view and to learn about and just soak up in.

After watching the cast of Vanderpump Rules go there, the New Year's Eve broadcast this year, and just everyone always posting pictures of them, it seems like I need to go to experience it at least once in my lifetime.

Have you ever been to New Orleans? What do you think about it if you have? What are your must see locations?


  1. I've never been to New Orleans before, I've never really thought about going to be fair. One place I would love to go to is Orlando, it's been my dream to go

    Tasha x

    1. I've only been to Walt Disney World in Orlando, so I haven't seen the city really, but would love to!


  2. Oh my lord! This sounds great! I'd love to travel America at one point, not now with president Trump in power, but hopefully one day I'll do it and put new Orleans on my list

    Jordanne ||