Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This is what dreams are made of.....

I have been rocking out to a lot of Hilary Duff songs on my way to and from work, so that is why I chose the title for this post that I did. And rocking out to all her music made me want to watch the Lizzie Mcguire Movie and so I did. Well thats where my inspiration for the day came from about going after dreams. Not really sure why that movie inspired me the way it did, but oh well, life is one big mystery.

I have a lot of big dreams in my life. They are all able to be accomplished, some just might be more difficult than others. However, I know if I put my mind to it and work hard, I can accomplish it. There is the obvious dream of graduating college which I am oh so close to. I can get through this last year with ease and with hard work. This is probably dream number one that will be accomplished.

The next dream is a little bit more difficult to achieve, it comes in the form of my career. I want to be a sideline reporter for the NFL. I always have. It has always been my goal to get there and it is what I dream of doing everyday of my life. I know that is quite the dream to go for, but I can do it. However, the amount of jobs in that field are slim. Now add in the fact I want one thing to be apart of reporting for the NFL and the jobs just got slimmer.

I am open to being a reporter for baseball or hockey too, but why have a dream if you aren't going for that one goal. Obviously I won't be disappointed if I don't reach my exact dream, as any sports reporting job would make me happy. However, dreams are just that, they are what you strive for and go after and are narrowly tailored. So I won't give up on my dreams and I won't change them, but I will have other options I would be open to. The biggest option is that I would love to be apart of a media relations team for a theme park, studio lot, or sports team. That is dream number 2 if I can't accomplish the ultimate end goal as I put it.

Now those are probably the obvious dreams of graduating college and starting a career in the path you want to be on. Then you have the other dreams that everybody wants at some point of fall in love, get married, and have a family in a big house where you live in your dream location with your dream car. However, my dreams on that are very narrowly tailored and specific. Because why have such a generic dream that doesn't make you work hard towards it?

I obviously want to get married one day, the kids are questionable, but I do want kids eventually. I know the two places I want to live in my life and the dream car I want to own. I know it all. I specifically have my life planned out. This doesn't mean I will be disappointed when it doesn't happen because let's be honest I am going for the long shot here, but I can dream because that is what life is all about.

I want to move to New York and live in a penthouse high above the city where I can go out on the balcony and look out on the city lights. Then in the morning I go through the hustle and bustle of the city. I am able to eat at New York Deli's daily, take a subway, live in the city that never sleeps. New York is my favorite place, and this dream can be achieved once I hit that career goal and make millions, but it is a little far fetched for me.

I also want to live in the South Bay here in Los Angeles. I want to move to a big house over looking the water and have the perfect view. It doesn't have to be a huge house, but nonetheless a nice house. I don't want a beachy feeling house, but a woodsy, east coast type house (hey they do exist out here somewhere and I will find it). This dream is probably a little bit easier for me to accomplish out here.

I also want to own a white range rover. Let's be honest, this car is definitely my dream car and I am still not sure why. I just love the look of it on the inside and outside. It is just so me.

Now when it comes to marriage I already know exactly how I want my wedding to be. I also know I want to marry a professional athlete. I know that half of this is very far fetched however it isn't impossible. It is just a dream. Just like everything else I won't be upset if I don't accomplish it.

Dreams aren't meant to be impossible, but they certainly don't have to be easily achieved either. This is how life works. It is full of dreams. It is full of trying to achieve things that you want in your life. This is what dreams are made of as Lizzie McGuire would say.

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