Thursday, February 23, 2017

Social Media or Social Suicide

Social media has a big role in everyone's lives today. Most people go on there every hour at least once and they let it consume their lives. It is the way you put yourself out there, meet people, brand yourself, find jobs, and live your life. It impacts you in ways you would have never guessed.

Social media is our lives now. It is used for everything. There are dating apps, there is ways to meet your future boyfriend, husband, or whoever now. It is how people are found for jobs. It is how you put yourself out there for the world. It is how to get your blog out there. It is how you learn about people's whereabouts every second of the day.

There is no way to hide yourself. You learn things about people from social media you would have never known other than just straight up asking theme. And sometimes you wouldn't even know you have to straight up ask them the question in the first place.

Social media has ruined friendships, relationships, and jobs for many. It has also connected you to those things. This is the age of technology and it is influencing our lives more than we can even realize. This is what social media has done to our lives and to our minds. So is this even called social media anymore or do we call it social suicide.

Social media has affected my life in more ways than one. I have become a pro at learning about people's lives through there social media accounts. It kind of creeps me out now how much I can learn about someone with the click of a button. It is how we live in this world now though and therefore to me, I can completely understand how not only myself, but everyone else has fallen under this spell.

Social media has become my own social suicide. I let what I see on social media affect my day, my mood, my way of thinking, my life in more ways than it should. I shouldn't go onto a social media platform to see I have been lied to, that I have been right in my way of thinking, or anything like that.

Just like everyone, I need to allow social media to not be a part of my life I don't want it to. I need to allow it to be a place to share my life without letting it consume my life. I need to allow it to be a place of happiness and not sadness or anger. I need to not allow it to be my social suicide.

Social media is for socializing, reconnecting, or sharing the moments of your life you are happy of. You need to allow it to do that. However, you can't allow it to be a place that someone can learn so much about you in the click of a button. A place where you can see your significant other has cheated on you without them outright posting it. To allow it become a place of jealousy. To put stuff out there that your job wouldn't want you doing. It should be a place to have fun and to be social.

Social media is social suicide and we can't go back now. We can allow it not to be our own social suicide though and to be a place that we connect with people on. It can be a way of life, but not our whole life. Don't let social media define you or your life. Don't think that because someone unfriends you or blocks you that defines a relationship. Don't think your social media relationship status defines your relationship. Nothing on social media defines who we are in our lives so why are we letting it?

If you block someone or unfriend them, that isn't a way of sending a message, that is a way of pettiness. If you are still listed as single on facebook, but are dating someone, that isn't a definition of your relationship, that is called privacy. If you post pictures of your significant other on facebook, twitter, snapchat, or instagram, that isn't saying that everything is okay between you after the fight you had or that they love you, that is a front, that is for show, and how they treat you off of social media is the truth.

Social media has replaced conversations, confrontations, and life. It has allowed us to not use our voices to fix something, to state something, or to love someone. Don't fall victim to social media.


  1. Such an interesting post, I think social media can be an amazing thing but also very damaging! I spend way too much time on my phone and I'm constantly comparing my life to others based on what i see online x

    Tiffany x

  2. Social media is definitely a big part of the internet. It's very demanding and I spend way too much time on it!