Monday, February 6, 2017

Rain and Life

The rain is something that is pretty rare to Southern California, so when it does happen it creates a mood in the atmosphere. It isn't a depressed mood, or a sad mood, but a mood of laziness. It creates some kind of happiness inside of me.

I love the rain. To me it is my key to curl up with some tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and just lay around all day. It tells me it is time to relax. It means laziness, but it makes me so happy.

Not many people are a fan of the rain here, but to me it isn't a normal occurrence so it is something special and different than the 70 degree, sunny weather we have. It is a relaxation time a time for life to just stand still for a moment.

Life goes by so fast that you don't have enough time to enjoy it. You blink and a year has gone by, or half of a year. It is already February and I feel like I just celebrated Christmas.

Life needs to slow down a bit and let everyone enjoy the moment. Since life goes by so fast I have learned to make memories and live in the moment. Without these memories you feel like you are missing out and that you are not living the life you should be.

These memories allow us to reflect back and remember all of the fun, adventures, and everything else that happens in life. You feel like it isn't flying by as much and you are missing out by blinking your eyes.

The memories don't have to be good ones, they can be sad, bad, or anything. A memory is a sign of living, and life isn't always butterflies and rainbows. They are a mix of emotions. They allow us to have a life, to make mistakes, and to learn lessons. That is life.

The fact it is February already though and I haven't made many memories this year compared to last year means I need to get back to living my life. February is one of my favorite months of the year. Reason number one and the only reason really because it is my birthday month. This is the time to live and shine and grow another year older.

This is the month for my memories to be made. For me to live my life the best I can and to do things I will remember. It means that I will have something to look back on to reflect this new year. This is when my new year begins because I am another year older and another year closer to my achieving my life goals. Time for me to shine bright.

The rain today reminds me though, that I need to sit back and take life in for a minute. To slow down the time and to reflect on what I want to accomplish in my next year of life. This is my chance to not have to make memories to enjoy the year, the time, the moment.

How do you feel about the rain? Do you love it or hate it?


  1. I agree...I love the rain, and I, too, think that life passes way too quickly. Ready to make some memories of my own!!!

  2. I love this! This brings back memories of Ecola Bible school in Oregon. So laid back and so rainy.