Monday, February 27, 2017

Oscars or Bust

So last nights Oscars show was definitely the most talked about Oscars. From all of the awkward moments leading up to the shocking end. I definitely have a lot to say about it, even though I have only watched parts of it. However, who cares about all of the awards handed out when there were so many awkward moments. So lets break down the Red Carpet in today's post! Wednesday we will break down the actual awards show!

This years Oscar's watch party for me started when the Red Carpet started because honestly, that is all I wanted to watch. I watch E!'s coverage every year because it usually has the best, but this year was not impressive. The awkward moments started right off the bat when they cut away from an interview only for you to realize that these interviews were as live as they had said they were. The person who Ryan had just interviewed was already 6 people down interviewing the second after her interview with Ryan finished. So the rest of the Red Carpet show we played the, is this live or prerecorded game. Also, I found it quite weird that they didn't interview Emma Stone or Ryan Gosling, the two I was most excited to see on the carpet. Other than that the Red Carpet was bland and boring, but I loved the outfits this year. Not too many that I hated, but there were some. So here are my top 6 best and worst dressed!

Worst Dressed:
1) Worst dressed by far this time around was Janelle Monae. I actually hated her dress. It just looked like stuff thrown together and just not good. It would have looked so much better as a ball gown and it wasn't. Please fix this mess!

2) Dakota Johnson what were you thinking? Your hair was terrible, your dress was all wrong, and you just looked so aged. It was not a good look for you and I am sorry, but you have to take some risks and this wasn't the right one.

3) Leslie Mann. You are gorgeous and you can look gorgeous easily. Your skin tone is amazing to match any dress color with. The one you picked though, not the best look.

4) Terrance Howard. You looked like you just rolled out of bed from a long night out and threw on a bathrobe over your nice dress shirt and pants. Please try better.

5) Blanca Blanco. You could do better, and I mean way better. From the color to the huge shoulders. Please don't go so over the top next time!

6) Felicity Jones. You looked like you were going to a ballet recital. This is not an oscars dress by any means and it shows.

Now onto Best Dressed. Now I had a lot of favorites and I decided to break it down into 3 girls and 3 guys. This is because it gave everyone a chance and it made me really look at the females. They all rocked it this year. So without further ado:

Best Dressed- Female:
1) By far Emma Stone was on my list of best dressed by far. I am not usually in love with the type of dress she wore, but it was perfect on her. It matched her skin tone perfectly, her hair and makeup was amazing, and it just fit so well on her. By far the red carpet winner.

2) Hailee Steinfeld looked amazing! She really wowed everyone with her dress and it was gorgeous. I was a fan of her hair as well. It was risky, but still so classy for the oscars. I don't think many people were expecting that out of her, and I know I wasn't by far. She looked so grown up and it was a different look from her than in the past in my opinion.

Now there were so many amazing dresses this year, that to pick three was really difficult. Emma and Hailee were for sure in my top, but the third had so many options. So I decided to pick someone I loved, but many other people didn't either give as much press or didn't like it. So my third pick is:

3) Kirsten Dunst. She looked amazing. I loved the dress because it was so classy and elegant. The necklace she had was perfectly paired with it. It was a simple look and that is why I loved it because to me her makeup and hair was the dramatic part. It looked amazing and photographed well. Her shoes I wasn't in love with, but the rest of the outfit made me not even care about it.

Best Dressed- Males:

1) Mahershala Ali was the best dressed male in my opinion. I mean guys have a hard time standing out and looking good. Usually if they go away from the standard tux, to stand out they look terrible. However, Mahershala stood out with a black on black tux. It looked great! Definitely my best dressed.

2) Andrew Garfield looked amazing and even though it was the traditional tux, it was fitted so well. It made him look good and that is how you want to look at the oscars. Definitely my second favorite best dressed male this year.

3) Ryan Gosling. I don't know why I loved his tux this year. It could be because it is Ryan Gosling. However, I liked how it was different, but not too outrageous. It wasn't insanely over the top, but it was different. Different is good in this case. And in this case, the photographing of the tux is completely different in every picture. It is a grey suit, but in some cases comes up completely black!

Lets do some best dressed honorable mentions because they deserve it too.

Honorable Mentions:
  • Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, you guys looked amazing especially together. Keep on rocking it.
  • Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, I just love you two! Chrissy looked amazing in her dress this year.
  • Karlie Kloss, you looked amazing as always! Being a model and looking good in everything must be a rough life. 

Who were your best dressed at the Oscars this year? How about worst dressed?

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