Friday, February 3, 2017

Monte Carlo Review

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This past trip to Vegas we stayed at the Monte Carlo because of the points we had to get a comp. stay. I have stayed at the Monte Carlo multiple times and I have loved it. This stay was a little disappointing, but still love the hotel regardless.

We had a room toward the back with a view of the new arena, T-Mobile. I loved the view. The arena is where the new hockey team will play, and since I love hockey, it was cool to see the arena and the area surrounding it. Unfortunately, there was a lot of noise that came from the arena. It felt like you were inside with how much you could hear the music and crowd from it in the room. It was kind of a downfall, but it really only affected us when we were trying to take naps. Luckily for us, we weren't ready to sleep when the concert was happening.

The rooms are spacious. It felt as though this room was a little smaller, with a smaller bathroom area than the last time I stayed there. However, it is still one of the biggest bathrooms that I have ever had when staying in Vegas. This alone is the reason I love this hotel.

The beds aren't my style. They are firm and the pillows aren't the best. For this reason, I don't usually get the best nights sleep. However, if you don't mind this then, it is great. It isn't enough of a reason for me not to stay there, because I don't usually sleep the best in most hotels. The only Vegas hotel I have had the best nights sleep in is the Cosmopolitan and it was on a roll away bed.

The walls were paper thin, and being next to a room with boys who were in their early twenties, probably meant that we were going to hear noise all of the time. Which we did for the most part. It kind of sucked. However, when I stayed at the Mirage a few months ago (what is supposed to be a way nicer hotel) I could hear the person's cell phone in the room next to us ring at 2am. So I mean, it was a little bit better than that. I think all hotels have pretty thin walls, so to me I just suck it up and hope the people aren't annoying. Which for the most part the boys were only loud around 4pm when it seemed they were getting ready to leave and were drinking in the room.

Overall, it was a great experience and I would stay there again. The staff is super friendly and they make sure you have everything you need. The hotel is under construction, but we never even noticed it. We didn't hear a sound, see the workers, nothing. Which was weird because we were there on a midweek stay.

For the price you pay for the hotel it is worth it. It is one of the cheaper options, but you feel like you are in a way nicer hotel than you paid for. What I paid for the Mirage, I hated it. I had a much nicer stay here for 3/4th of the cost if we had to pay (we got a comp night thanks to MyVegas).

I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Have you ever stayed at the Monte Carlo? If you have what did you think? If not, where have you stayed in Vegas?

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