Monday, February 13, 2017

Here's to 22!

So last week I turned 22. Not as big of a milestone as 21, but a milestone in general. Contrary to the belief that I blasted 22 and sung my heart out, I really didn't. I decided that cliche was not for me, however, I have since heard and played the song religiously on my daily drives to who knows where.

So how did I celebrate? I went to the San Diego Zoo! My review on that will be coming tomorrow (I already have it written I just have to post it, yay!). I celebrated this year with my dad, since I didn't get to celebrate with him last year really.

Now why is 22 such a milestone to me? Well it's my lucky number. So this year has to be the best of my life and the luckiest. If not I will be really upset at my lucky number. So I am hoping this year lives up to the expectations and I am sure it will. So here are 22 things that I expect out of my 22nd year of life:

1) Always take risks:
My 22nd year of life is all about risks. Now is the time to take them. With my graduation from college coming up I have to take all the risks I can right now. I expect to never say no (unless it is some major thing that is obviously something I shouldn't be saying yes to). I need to jump off the bridge if presented the opportunity no matter if I land or fall, the risks are worth it.

2) Never Take No for Answer:
Just like I plan on never saying no to things in order to take risks, I also won't take no for an answer. You won't get anywhere in life if you allow people to say no to you. They aren't in charge of your dreams or where you go in life, you are. So if you allow them to say no, then you are giving them the power to control where you go in life.

3) Focus on School:
My goal this year is to focus on school and school only. If I can't focus on school this year I won't ever get it done. I am focusing on finishing and that is it. No one can really get in my way but myself.

4) Focus on starting a Career:
This summer I am participating in a communications internship with a collegiate baseball team in Pasadena. This is the first step I am making in creating a career path for myself. I know where I want to go in my career, but I have to start somewhere and I have to get there eventually. This is step one and I am turning all of my focus on it.

5) Travel somewhere!
This year I am all about travel just like any other year. I already have my trips planned too. I will be in Arizona and Walt Disney World. So I know I can expect it because unless something major happens, nothing is stopping these travel plans.

6) Build this Blog:
Since I started this blog this year, the year of 22 I hope to expand this blog more over my year of life. I feel this isn't an outrageous goal.

7) No Boys Will Get in My Way:
I am only 22. I have no time for boys in my life. This year is no different. I am still living up my early twenties and getting my life together. So having a guy come in will ruin that. No thank you, this year is not for boys to get in my way.

8) Go out more:
I never went out much halfway through being 21 and I turned into a grandma. I need to go out more and bar hop or just live up being over 21.

9) Stop going to bed at 8pm:
Over the past few months I have gone to bed before 9pm religiously. I need to start going to bed at midnight because I only have one more year of not having a 9-5 job everyday and the last time that I can stay up that late.

10) Eat better:
As I grow older I need to eat better. I eat way too much fast food and I need to stop. I need to start making myself lunch and dinner and be healthier.

11) Prepare to move out:
I can't wait to be on my own. With only one more year of school left, I am ready to start preparing to move out on my own after I graduate (hopefully I will have a job so I can move out).

12) Wear Glasses More:
I started wearing my glasses more over the past few months and I love them so much more than contacts. Obviously I will never not wear contacts again, but for some reason glasses are in the trends nowadays and I should really wear mine more to avoid my terrible eye allergies.

13) Stop Wearing Black:
I need to stop wearing so much black. I need to add some color to my wardrobe and go away from a daily trend of black leggings and jeans. Although they go with almost everything I wear.

14) Start Running:
I plan on running a half marathon and 10k next year. However, I can't do that if I don't start training and running now. I need to start working out a lot more this year.

15) Start Reading More: 
I have stopped reading over the past few years, but I need to start again. It makes me feel smarter and it is so much better than the crappy reality television that I watch.

16) Play "22" by Taylor Swift as often as possible
Okay this is an expectation only because this is the only year of my life that I can play it.

17) Branch out and meet new people:
I have my best friends and there is nothing I would change that for in my life. However, this year I want to meet new people and become friends with new people. This is the year to do that because I can lie and say it is networking. ;)

18) Find more happy hours:
Happy hour is the best thing that was ever created. So this year on top of going out more, I plan on finding a million more happy hour places to go to. Especially on Taco Tuesdays!

19) Become a foodie:
I want to find all the new restaurants and cafes that I have yet to know about. This is the path to becoming a foodie is it not?

20) Stop Comparing Myself to Others:
I need to stop looking at people and where they are in their school, careers, or just life and comparing myself to them. I know I am on my own path with my own time table of finishing what I want to accomplish.

21) Spend More Time With Family:
As always, family is important. So this year I plan to spend a lot more time with them because they can be the ones I go out with and party with too.

22) Enjoy Life:
Most importantly of becoming 22, it is time to enjoy life because I am almost in my mid twenties and that is a scary thought.

So here is to 22!

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  1. Going to bed early is not a bad thing, it is also part of the healthier lifestyle you mentioned regarding eating habits. And did you know that your dad and I took you to the San Diego Zoo for your first birthday? So that's kind of a fun throwback. :) xoxo