Thursday, February 2, 2017

Friendships are about supporting each other

Another post about friendships here. If you recall the last post was about how you met your friends that you have now. How you might not remember where you met, how you met, or even how you decided to become friends or best friends. Well this is all about those friends supporting you and your choices in life. They are there for you through it all!
Friendships are all about finding people who share the same interests as you. They are about finding people who you have fun with and you enjoy being around. However, on top of that it is about finding someone who will be there for you, who supports you, and who will go after the people who hurt you. It is about defending you.

It is easy to find just anyone with the same passions as you, dreams, or anything to bond over really. This doesn't create a friendship though. There is so much more that goes into a friendship. 

The foundation of a friendship does start with sharing interests and having something in common. However, the deep conversations that you have are what strengthens the friendship. This is how a friendship builds to become something that you see as your friends. 

But would you want a friend who isn't there for you in the tough times? Would you want a friendship with someone who doesn't defend you to people? Would you want a friend who doesn't support you? I wouldn't. 

If someone doesn't support you how can you be friends with them. A support system is how many people get through life. You don't have to agree with what your friend is doing, but you should support them. If you can't support them how can they be confident in themselves.

If you don't agree with your friends actions, words, or anything else, voice those concerns to them. Tell them how you feel. Tell them why you are concerned or don't agree. It might make them realize that maybe they should change their words, not follow through with what they were going to do or, or something else. However, if they choose to ignore your concerns, support them in their life decisions. After all it is their life and not yours. You live your life, they live theirs and in the end your friendship blossoms.

The support of friends is what a friendship is about. It is not about your opinions, your ideas, or anything else. It is about the bond you have created and the support system you have. You know that no matter what happens your friend will be there for you. Whether it is crying on the bedroom floor, holding your hair back when you drank too much at that party the other night, celebrating that new job offer, or celebrating with you after you have accomplished a life long goal.

A friendship is something everyone needs in their life and support is the way to get there.

Are your friends a good support system? Do you feel you can go to them about anything in your life and no matter what they will be behind you?

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  1. Yes. It's all about support and love. Thanks for sharing. 🌸