Wednesday, February 8, 2017

For Those Who Put Others First and Are Always Second Best

Putting others first is not always a bad thing. It means you care about them enough that they take priority over your own life. It means that you are a good person. You do things for others because they matter to you and you love them enough to do these things. It means you are the one who would do anything for anyone.

I was browsing PuckerMob last night and I read a lot of articles or posts that had if you are the girl who is always second best or if you forget to put yourself first or other titles to the same sense. There were a lot of articles that mentioned not putting yourself first or being a second choice.

I feel like I identify to all of those articles in some sense. I don't feel like I am a second choice or second best or any of that. However, I am the person who will put others first. I would rather other people talk about themselves, do things for others, or anything that doesn't involve me.

Obviously I love attention, I am an only child after all. However, I would rather do things for others in a heartbeat and question doing something for me. I do live a happy medium though. I know when to treat myself, when I am more important than worrying about others.

However, I do feel like I do things for some of my friends that they wouldn't do for me or do something that is even half the effort I put into something. I also feel like sometimes I try to do things I want, but with/for my friends and they forget that it isn't their world we are all living in.

I feel as though I try to plan something for myself and then include them, but it instantly becomes what they want to do with no regard to my feelings. This is not okay. This isn't their world we live in, but a collective world that we all coexist in.

Putting others first is nice and it means you care about them. However, you have to remember that you are your biggest fan and will be there for you. For this reason and this reason alone you need to put yourself first. You have to remember your own worth and your happiness and you will never be a second choice again.

Do you put others first? Do you feel like you are a second option?


  1. Self-care and listening to what YOU want is so important!

  2. I definitely feel like I have a bad habit of putting others first. I always make peoples problems as if they were my own.. this is a curse and a blessing lol. great post! :)

  3. Fantastic post! I always put others first and myself second and since becoming a mother I definetly notice I do it a lot more with more and more people! But I always tell myself, you have to put your own gas mask on before you help someone else otherwise you can't help.

    Jordanne ||

  4. Loved this post so much I've bookmarked it to read again next time I feel burnt out! I always put others first and often forget to take a step back and look after myself first so I end up burnt out and exhausted, and unfortunately find out which friends will be there for me! But yes, loved this post 💖