Monday, January 2, 2017

The Start of a New Year Doesn't Mean a New Me

Everyone always talks about a new year, new me, but what if for the first time you start the year as the same person that you ended the last year as. I have always thought a new year was a fresh start for me to be a different person, but the truth is, you don't start the year getting a fresh start. Your life is the same as a book.
Every year is the start of a new chapter, but you are the same character as the previous chapters. In a book, a character grows and changes throughout the plot, just like in life. You don't change with the start of a new year like a character doesn't change the minute the next chapter starts.

In my life I would start every year with the mindset and philosophy that I had a fresh start to make my life different and better than the year before. I always thought that just because the calendar year changed I could to. I would start as a new person. When I graduated high school that changed. I noticed that every year I never changed who I was so drastically to start the next year, but instead I would just start the year with the intention to have as much fun and make as many memories as I could. This year was no different.
The start of the new year doesn't mean there will be a new me. It means that I am going to rally with the people I love and care about and that love and care about me to make the most of the time we have in life. To make the most memories we can this year. To watch each other succeed and to watch them fail. To love them at the highs and lows. To be there to see everything they have to offer to the world and to be there when they think their world is crashing down around them.
The truth is this year, I don't plan on making any new years resolutions, I plan on watching myself grow throughout the year, to watch myself mature, to watch myself fall, to watch myself succeed, to watch how I change, how my character develops throughout this chapter, and to watch how my life story pans out.
A new year is just another chapter in a book, not every chapter will be the best that it can be. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some will make you scream out loud, some will make you want to throw the book out the window. However, every chapter has an end, a turning point, a lesson, a point to the story. It allows the character to grow to take everything they went through and learned onto the next chapter and to weed out the characters in their life that deserve to stay in the story and deserve to leave.
So this year, there is no new year, new me. Instead it will be a new year, new chapter in which I grow and learn. And from here on out, I plan on watching myself grow and develop, because I can guarantee that I am not the same person I was last year, and I won't be the same person I am now next year.


  1. Even with all the hype it's just another year, right? Whenever there is a new year I don't even think of resolutions because most of them die after a month. Or the first week! Lol. I just anticipate the coming year and become more conscious of myself and what I'd like to do more of, so I get what you mean about growing throughout the year!
    XX Jen

    1. I absolutely agree with you. I feel when I try to make a resolution, I can't even make it past the first 2 or 3 days of the new year so what is the point? I just don't understand the hype, it is just a day right? It isn't anything different besides the year you put on papers and aging another year older.