Saturday, January 7, 2017

Selling Clothes or Donating Them?

Cleaning out closets and drawers is always a tedious task. It takes everything in you to start and even more to part with clothes you love so dearly. Well it does for me. I have this habit of never wanting to give away clothes or shoes because I think once I do I will want to wear them instantly. No matter if they fit or not, are old or new, I wear them every day or I wore them once. Cleaning is like the devil to me and I am never motivated enough.

So that brings up the question of what to do when I finally start to clean out my closets and get rid of clothes, shoes, and bags. Do I donate these items or do I try to sell them for some extra cash. I usually donate them, but nowadays, money is something you always need more of, so maybe selling them won't hurt.

I have never sold my clothes before, so that is where I turn to you all, my lovely blogger friends, do you prefer to donate or sell?

If you choose to sell your clothes, where do you sell them or how do you sell them? Do you make enough money off of them to have that extra pocket cash, or at the end of the day is it easier to just donate them?

These are the questions I ask myself every single time. I never know where to start or where to end. It is a constant struggle and thus the reason I donate my clothes.

So any tips, tricks, or help would be greatly appreciated! I currently have two huge trash bags full of clothes waiting to sell.

*Disclaimer: The photo used was found through google images and is no way mine*


  1. Depends on the clothes cheap clothes gets donated any of value may be worth reselling for some pocket change. There is apps that are just for clothes that people try to sell like Poshmark I think its called check it out.

  2. I always donate but selling is a great idea too...there are a lot of local FB groups where you can sell stuff like that!

  3. I used to sell stuff on eBay years ago when I had more time, but nowadays they have more ways of selling online. I've consigned clothes as well, but they are selective about what they'll take. I was aware of that going into it though. Older clothes that I know won't sell I just donate if it's in OK condition. Sometimes it's worth it to consign or sell online cause at least you can get something back but it depends how much you think is worth it! But time wise and hassle wise just easier to donate.
    XX Jen.