Monday, January 2, 2017

Retail Therapy is the Best Therapy

Hello Blogging World,

First things first, I moved my hosting site over from Wordpress to Blogger (the reason it says all my posts are today, they aren't) and I have to say I am loving it. I bought the domain name, and I feel like I have finally found my calling and I have finally fallen in love with blogging. I am hoping that through this year I can grow as a writer and human being and really know that I am following the right career path.

Anyways, today was a nice day off that turned into some retail therapy, not that I really need any therapy. However, I went on a nice day adventure to the mall and even did some online shopping. I am currently getting ready for my birthday trip to Vegas (I can not wait, and just wait for the blog posts on it). So I decided I am ready to revamp my wardrobe. I got a ton of clothes for christmas, but nothing that I can really wear out to Vegas, well maybe one dress. So today was all about the Vegas wardrobe.

I cleaned out and went through all my clothes and have packed them up in bags to fish through and slowly sell to make some money for more clothes (I have a problem). I still have a ton of clothes, but I for some reason always pack the same clothes for Vegas. So it was time to change that. I ended up getting a high waisted skirt for christmas that was black and an extreme skater skirt. I love it, from Charlotte Russe, and I needed to find a shirt to go with it.

Here is the skirt for those that are curious (it is super comfortable).

I was hoping to find some nice crop tops to go with it, but to no luck (I can only find so much at nordstroms and it frustrates me). I did however find a nice shirt thats a body suit to wear with it. It is maroon and super cute. I already have the outfit envisioned in my head for a night out to dinner in Vegas. Unfortunately I am going with my mom, but it will still be fun and I always strive to look cute.

You can find the shirt here for those who need a nice long sleeve body suit that also has a little bit of sexy appeal to it.

After venturing through the mall for stuff, I came home and bought stuff online. I had a $100 nordstroms giftcard that I found in my wallet and after only finding one thing at nordstroms I still had $81 to spend. I came home to buy a pair of brown booties, a black dress (that looks just like my bodysuit I bought), and a cute white and grey dress. I haven't tried them on or even received them yet, so you can expect a review of those soon.

Retail therapy just makes you feel motivated to take on the world. Although I have no reason to need to fix my feelings by shopping, I just feel so much more alive than I did before venturing out to the mall today. I guess it's true, retail therapy is the best therapy.

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