Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Need a Lyft?

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Since we normally drive in Vegas, we don't have to rely on other forms of transportation often. However, when we do we often choose to go with Uber. This trip was a little bit different. We decided to try Lyft instead. There were a few reasons for this. The first was that it was a little bit cheaper than Uber and the second was because none of us had used Lyft we got to use all the promo codes.

I have never had a bad experience using Uber. It was always reliable, we got to talk to people we otherwise wouldn't have ever met, and we got to learn about the city. I was expecting the same out of Lyft and it didn't disappoint.

We learned that through Lyft we could schedule pickups which was nice for when we were heading back to the airport. Other than that we just called the Lyft when we were ready to leave, no need to schedule.

All of our Lyft drivers were super prompt at arriving. They were usually there in less than a few minutes when we would request for a Lyft. The cars were clean and nice.

The drivers all chatted with us, were super friendly and nice. I am sure some of them got a kick out of our personalities. They all shared about their life. Most of them were not originally from Las Vegas so we learned a lot about their countries and where they came from.

They all got us there quickly and we arrived at our venues on time. It was a nice service to have as we walked the strip the first night and our feet hurt so bad we said never again and that we were taking Lyfts the second night.

We took a total of 4 Lyft rides while in Vegas and our cost came out to be about $30 for all 4 with tips for the drivers. Not bad considering the trips to the airport were about $7-9 each.

I would highly recommend Lyft as we had an amazing experience with it. It was easy, friendly, and not too expensive.

Have you ever used Lyft or Uber before? Which do you prefer?

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