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Jet Blue Review

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So my latest vacation in Las Vegas has tons of stories and memories from it. Usually I drive when going to Las Vegas because it only is about a 4 hour drive from where I live. However, this time we decided to fly because we got an amazing deal on flights through JetBlue. We only spent about $60 a person with taxes. However, it was definitely not the smoothest or most relaxing flight experience.

We flew out of Long Beach, CA, one of my personal favorite airports by where I live. The process to get through TSA is so smooth and fast. It is a fairly small airport that only a few airlines and flights fly out of daily which makes it very quiet. We didn't have any checked bags so we proceeded to security and our gate rather quickly. We arrived about an hour and a half before our flight and were through security in about 5 minutes. This meant that we had plenty of time to kill before boarding.

When the boarding process started to begin, the staff at the gate made the process rather rough. We could barely hear what was being said, let alone understand it. We were able to hear one word or two and piece together what was being said. When it came time for general boarding, they only stated general boarding and so we proceeded in line. However, when we got to the front, we were informed that it would be only rows 15 toward the back of the plane. We were row 12 and told we had to wait. The lady then made the announcement again and verified the rows she meant. It was an inconvenience to us and we could have been allowed to board to help with the confusion. However, we were made to wait right to the side that blocked the line a bit. The people behind us were in row 10 as we overheard their conversation and they were boarded on the plane. This was a very unfair circumstance and it tainted my view of JetBlue once again (I have had multiple bad experiences when flying to Vegas on JetBlue).

Once we finally boarded the plane the staff was very nice and friendly. They did a great job for the short flight. The inflight tvs all worked properly (although it took a little bit for it to connect again after takeoff but no big deal).

The plane landed and we taxied into our gate pretty quickly. It was overall a smooth flight there after the whole boarding incident.

The way back was a whole different story though. I had the worst experience (which says a lot considering my last returning flight from Vegas was delayed an hour after we were already boarded, and the flight itself was only an hour). This flight wasn't delayed thank god, because I probably would have refused to stay on the plane or get on it.

The start of the process was fine. The TSA agents were hilarious and the process was insanely smooth. They definitely made my flight great. We were to our gate by an hour before boarding. I was able to get in an episode of Gilmore Girls. The gate agents were nice and this time we could understand them, so that was a plus. However, the JetBlue boarding process is terrible in general.

They start with the extra space seats that you pay extra for which is understandable. However, they then board from the back to the front. This is actually annoying. Because we were lucky enough to pick our seats toward the front of the plane we are punished. We are boarded last, meaning we have to hope there is room for our carry on bags in the overhead bins. I understand they complimentarily check the carryon bags if the flight fills up and there is no room for ours, however, that causes a major inconvenience if we do not want our bags checked. Our row was the last 4 boarded onto the plane which was very disappointing.

The flight itself was terrible. The inflight staff was not as friendly as the first flight. We had a pretty annoying girl next to us on the plane which was not forced into her correct seat until the person whose seat it was arrived. I felt this was very unprofessional. The inflight tvs didn't work. We only had about 4-5 channels and one of them was blurry. It was horrible. Luckily the flight was only an hour, but I hate flying so much that the tvs and music is what helps me stay calm and relaxed. I take my mind off the fact I am flying.

The flight itself was very rough. It had a lot of turbulence, and it was very shakey. Definitely not the best time of my life. I was so ready to be off that plane.

JetBlue gave me a $15 inflight credit for my next flight because of the TVs. However, it is honestly not worth it for me to pay for a flight on an airline I have had terrible experiences with to use a $15 credit.

I am seriously considering to never fly JetBlue again at this point. It never ends well for me. Unless I can get an amazing deal, I prefer Virgin America, Delta, or even American.

Have you flown JetBlue? What has your experiences been like? I'll be flying to Orlando at the end of the year, so any advice on airlines is much appreciated.

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