Monday, January 2, 2017

Here's to the start of a New Year

2016 is almost over and it is almost time for all of those posts about a new year, new me. I don't plan on being any different next year than I am this year, but I sure as hell hope that next year is better than this year. Cause to be plain and honest, 2016 kind of sucked.
It should have been a year of fun and it sure was most of the time. From turning 21 to all of the trips to Vegas, to going back to the bay area, to all of the memories I made with friends who I don't plan on leaving my life ever. It also was a year of chaos. From working my butt off at 2 jobs, to going to school in hopes of graduating next year, to moving into a new role at one of my jobs, to all of the headaches that are life. 2016 you sure won't be missed.
However, I am not sure what I expect out of 2017 to make it a year I won't hate. Looking back on 2016, it may have sucked, but it didn't suck that bad. 2017 is going to be the same as 2016 except I will be 22 instead of 21, I will be that much closer to graduating, and I will be off making new memories.
This New Year signifies a year that will be spent focusing on graduating. I will be focusing solely on getting done with school and that I will hopefully never have to step foot onto the college campus for college courses again. Lucky for me, it will take all of 2017 to do that, but none the less I will be able to do that.
So here's to 2017, and my new years resolution that I will be able to stick to 100% this year, blogging once a day, every day of the year. So I welcome you to Sweets and Mascara, a chronicle of my life.

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