Friday, January 13, 2017

Hard Work Pays Off

Do you ever have those days where you want to lounge around the house? You want to avoid all of your responsibilities? You want to blow off work? Instead you want to just sit with some coffee on your couch, grab a blanket, curl up next to your furry friend, turn on netflix, and call it a day? I have those types of days all of the time. However, I know I have to work, I have to get up and go to school, I have to drag my butt out of bed, get ready, grab some coffee, and run out of the door.

The reason I motivate myself to get up, to not have one of those lazy days that I desperately want is because I know in the end that I will be rewarded for all of my work. It will be worth it. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I have lazy days where I get my advice and wise words on the internet, but those days are rare, it is most likely a day I am on the go.

I know I will get the payoff when I am finished with school and have a career. This is the ultimate goal and I know working hard now and not taking the lazy days that I want will lead me there. The more I take time off, neglect my responsibilities, and become the ultimate lazy person means I am not working toward the goal, but instead away from it.

I know I deserve it, but the more time I take off the less money I make now, and the more broke I am. How am I supposed to network if I don't go to work or school? That is the motivation I need to get out of bed and work hard for the 8-15 hours I am out of the house.

Watching others and seeing the sacrifices they don't make motivates me even more to work hard. I see how they struggle, where they are at in life, and I know that if I sacrifice now I will be better off than they are. I may be content with where I am, but I know I can do more, work harder, and go farther.

The reason I know I am succeeding because this week I was offered an amazing internship opportunity with a baseball team that would allow me to gain experience that I can't get anywhere else in the field I am pursuing.

How do you motivate yourself when you have those lazy days?

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