Monday, January 9, 2017

Food and Wine- Review

Since Disney has officially announced the Food and Wine festival is returning to Disney's California Adventure, I figured I might as well review last years festival. It was definitely the first food or wine festival I had been too, and the fact it was Disney's was even more special. So the fact that it is returning for the second year in a row and will be even bigger is amazing. I am excited to see what is expanded.

When I went last year I was unsure of what to expect. So I gathered some of my friends and the adventure for us all was about to begin. There were booths for the festival up and down one of the walkways. They were each featuring something inspired from California. Unfortunately, the prices were a bit overpriced and therefore we didn't spend that much experiencing it all, but we did try some.

We started with a seminar for wine tastings. It was $15 to taste three wines, so we decided to try it out. It was a panel that explained the winery, and how each wine was made. It was very informative, but also very boring at times. The winery was Kita Wines. It was a very oaky, woodsy type winery. I am not a fan of red wine, but why not give it a try. The first wine was a white wine, it tasted like water. There was very little flavor to it. It was also a chalky type taste. This one wasn't a winner, so I had low expectations for the other two wines. The next was a red, it was a very floral taste. This one was alright, but still nothing to write home about. It tasted like rose petals mixed with a chalk. The final wine was a woodsy type taste. It literally tasted like wood. So in the end we were overly disappointed, but we were determined to try some more items.

We went to try some food next. We headed to the booth based on the Bay Area. We had heard it was one of the best and it definitely did not let us down. We tried the broccoli and cheddar soup. It was actually really good and a decent size for the price we paid. I would highly recommend it.

We then went to try some more wines. Some of my friends got beer and beer flights. I'm not a big beer fan so I didn't try that. I did get a glass of Chardonnay at one of the Napa Valley inspired booths. It was actually really good.

Unfortunately, it was kind of crowded and the lines were long. We decided to head to the bar inside of the park and drink there some more, and therefore, my food and wine review concluded with the Chardonnay.

It was small and it was the first year back in California. Because of this it was not the best, but it wasn't terrible. I will definitely be back this year, especially because it will be bigger. Last year seemed like more of a trial run to see if it would succeed and it definitely did. By the last week of the festival many of the booths were out of food and wine. I would call this successful, but also terrible for the people traveling that week.

If you are able to make the trip, I would highly recommend attending the festival this year!

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