Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Celebrating One Month of Blogging!

It is official! It has been one month of blogging for Sweets and Mascara. It has been quite the journey. In just one short month I have over 1,000 page views on my blog which is way more than I anticipated, especially for the first month of the blog being up and running.

I haven't blogged as much as I had hoped, but I haven't quit which is the only thing I cared about when I started: to never give up on my dream of writing.

As a celebration of blogging and pursuing my dream, I decided to do a giveaway. It will run from today January 31st until February 13th! That is two weeks for you all!

I recently got and tried a new eyeshadow palette. I loved it! It was an Ashley Tisdale made product (love her!). Her line of cosmetics is called illuminate and I tried the Beach Goddess set (I will be posting a review about it in this next week (once I finish my Vegas reviews). It was my typical color set, so it was right up my alley.

I decided to include it in my giveaway as well as a three piece eyeshadow brush set and a nude lip kit. I think you would love them.

In order to enter, you can follow Sweets and Mascara on Facebook and Twitter (for one entry each), follow me on BlogLovin' (2 entries) or subscribe to my blog via email (for 2 entries). However you must retweet the twitter post about the giveaway (for one entry). It is the one with the super special fancy picture! :)

In order to help promote my blog and help you get more entries to win these awesome products, for every person you refer to my blog (that follows on twitter, facebook, or email subscribes) you will receive two more entries. Please make sure they either tweet me, dm me, email me, or get in contact with me some how to let me know that you referred them.

Thanks for helping follow along and promote my blog!



  1. Congrats. And the give away is a nice idea.

  2. Congratulations!! Good luck for the many many months to come :)

  3. Happy first month of blogging! It's hard to put yourself out there, isn't it? Congrats!

  4. Congrats on a month! Blogging isn't as easy as it looks for sure!

  5. Congrats! It is so important to celebrate.