Friday, January 6, 2017

Can't a Girl Just Love Sports Without Judgement

I am very into sports and athletes. I have grown up in a family that if you don't like sports you probably wouldn't fit in and you probably wouldn't have very much fun growing up. I played softball and soccer for 10 years and ran cross country for 3 years. It is definitely a way of life.

However, while loving sports is not uncommon for most, it is looked at as not possible if you are a girl. The stereotype is that girls don't know sports at all. It is looked at as you have to teach the girl, you can't take the girl, etc. It is a stereotype that I defy with every being in my body.

Coming from the family I come from you can't not know sports. You can't even not love sports. I have played fantasy football for years now (more than I can count). I used to play fantasy baseball and fantasy hockey as well, but the time commitments were too much. I have watched and played sports and know way too much for my own good.

I probably know more about sports than any guy does. I have studied sports, I watch them diligently, I read more articles about them than I do about what is happening in the world. I know more about sports than I know about what I have learned in school.

However, even after all of this, I am always looked at differently when I talk about sports. It is something I am passionate about, something I am going to school for, something I want my career to be in. However, when the topic comes up and I am asked about my favorite sports teams, they assume I bandwagon, they assume I just hop onto teams because of other people, they assume I don't know the sport.

I have taught more people about hockey than I can count. I have taught more people how to play fantasy football than I can count. I have talked to more people about injuries and the game than I can count. It is something that I am knowledgable in and that I know.

So why is it that guys assume girls don't know sports. I know more girls that know about sports than I do that don't know about the sports. Yes, there are sports people don't know about, yes there are athletes and teams people don't know, but there is always a sport someone has knowledge about.

So when will the day come that guys and girls can have conversations about sports without it being frowned upon? Will the stereotype ever leave? I hope so for everyone's sake in this world.

How about you all, do you know sports and enjoy them? Do you feel like you get looked at differently being a girl when the subject of sports is brought up?

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  1. I know sports and enjoy them occassionally. I however do not believe it's frowned upon for a woman to know sports just simply surprising. As fans once you get going on teams, players, stats and everything. It really doesnt matter who it is because you enjoy it soo much you lose yourself in the topic that it doesnt matter who youre talking about it with. You just start going back and forth and its fun.