Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Busy Season is Among Us

It is officially becoming that time of year again. School is back in session. Birthdays are happening. Work is picking up and slowing down. It is all happening. It is time to start planning out my days, my nights, my mornings, my social life, and everything in between. It is what I like to call the busy season.

Today is my first official day of school. Although I feel I have been reading through syllabi, notes, lectures, and books for weeks now. Okay, maybe it has only been since Sunday, but to me it seems like an eternity.

School is where I go to get away from stress, seems weird right? To me school isn't work, it is learning and teaching myself things that I will be able to talk about in conversations with people. I am able to have conversation starters to talk to people of all ages and degrees. This is why I go to school, well and to get a job eventually.

School is my outlet of stress from working two jobs, having a social life, and trying to save money. It allows me to work hard, be busier, and strive to look forward to the next vacation. Essentially, it makes my days faster and my years slower.

Staying busy to me is when I am most happy. The days I have that I sit at home are the days that I get bored, I start taking on new projects, like this blog, and sometimes don't always have the time to accomplish them. However, I hope that doesn't happen with this blog.

When I am busy, I focus solely on work, school, writing, and sleep. Sometimes I throw in a social life, but only if it is planned well in advance.

People always say I have time to do things and I deny it. However, the reality is I am busy, and I may have time to do something, at 1am, 2am etc., but when my wake up call is between 6-8am everyday, I like to be at home as soon as possible. It is the time I unwind, plan out the next day, accomplish what I want, and become the person I want to become.

Although I am ready for school to be over and to be graduated so I can have a real career, I know I will miss it. I will miss being able to throw myself into something that helps take off the stress and add a little bit more.

What do you do to stay busy? Do you like being busy or no?

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