Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bare Minerals Eyeshadow Review

For Christmas I was given a bare minerals eyeshadow set with mascara. I usually stick to the same eye routine, but I decided to change it up today. I decided that I would try this out to see how I like it. It is meant to create a smokey eye, but I usually have a hard time getting that perfect pinterest smokey eye look. It is also not the colors I normally use, but change is always nice.

It comes with three different colors, a grey, a metallic silver, and a beige white. It also comes with a mascara and a double sided brush. One side is for the lid and the other for the crease.

Here is a better look at the makeup brush that comes with the kit.

All of them have a shimmer to them and they are pretty small. However, you don't need much when applying it. For the lid I used the dark grey one. I applied a very small amount and it was dark enough to be able to see it. See picture below for the color.

For the brow line I used the metallic silver. Unfortunately it was very difficult to see that I was wearing it. I would probably use a little bit more next time, but I didn't want to use too much to start with. I also used my own makeup brush to apply it. See the color and brush I used (an elf brush from target for $2).

I added the white color as if it was eyeliner on my lid. I also added it in the crease and below my eye to add a little bit of a pop of color to such a dark lid. I think this is also a reason I should have added more metallic to my brow line as the white would have taken the focus away from it.

I tried out the mascara as well. I normally use three different mascaras to thicken and lengthen my lashes so they look thicker and longer than they normally do. However, since I want to be able to review the entire kit, I decided that I would use their mascara and only their mascara. 

I tried it and I actually didn't mind it. It didn't clump my lashes and it added nice length to them. However, it took a couple of coats to make them look not so thin, but in the end they were still pretty thin. So if you are looking for a mascara that adds length and not volume this one would work pretty well for you.

In the end I liked how it turned out. It was a settle look, but you could tell I still had some eye makeup on.

It is hard to tell in the picture of my eyeshadow with my eyes open, and my eyelashes don't look so thick or like they have any mascara on them. That is one of the reasons I used three different mascaras with so many layers. However I did like that I was able to still see that I had some eyeshadow on through my glasses which is a huge plus to me.

In the end I would highly recommend this kit to everyone. I think with some practice and using it more I will perfect how I want the look to end up a little darker. I will probably use some of my other mascaras to add to my lashes and maybe modify the colors in the kit by mixing them with some eyeshadows I own. However, I do like that they are more mineral and loose powder eyeshadows than most. That was a huge plus for me.

To purchase this kit you can follow the link here. I would highly recommend it.

Have you used Bare Minerals before? What did you think? Have you used this kit before?

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